Tom Hiddleston with fans on the set of Crimson Peak on April 16, 2014


I have this overwhelming urge to hop in the car with my baby and drive up to Toronto… Its only a couple hours away but I am really scared of the traffic. What to do what to do?

Books I Love

Me reading the new I Bring the Fire Book Fatesimage

Me the next Morning


I love this book series! I have lost sleep reading them and I am not one bit sorry.  


what she’s actually thinking: …i had sex with a flying monkey.

Glade I wasn’t the only one who thought that! My hubby just gave me a funny disgusted look when I said it.


what she’s actually thinking: …i had sex with a flying monkey.

Glade I wasn’t the only one who thought that! My hubby just gave me a funny disgusted look when I said it.




If you played with Barbies,



Polly Pockets,


Beanie Babies,




Slip N’ Slide,


And Furbies,


Listened to the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and the Spice Girls





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do you think anime parents have a baby

and when they see she has pink hair and blue eyes they just think

oh no

she’s a main character.”

an Anime in which this pink haired girl goes…

I would watch this

What are your fanfic dealbreakers?


What makes you scroll past or hit “close window” and not look back? What is something that, no matter how good the plot, no matter how awesome the writing, you flat-out refuse to read?

* When a normal Canon human character gets powers. If they get them in Canon its fine but to have a total amazing human character suddenly have magic or telepathy makes me stop reading.

* When some one is introduced as the main characters cousin and is a clone of the original. I’m talking about you Dash Rendar! You are a Hon Solo clone! Your only there to flirt with everyone! (I would like to point out that just because Dash Rendar is from a actual book makes no difference, if it happens in licensed fan fiction I still stop reading) 

* When an OC takes up whole chapters (plural) just TALKING to the main cast of characters about why they are dumb and can’t see that so and so is the love of their lives.

* When the characters get way ooc and suddenly have a 180° personality adjustment. Like they start out the way they should and a sudden glance from a girl or boy changes the whole outlook on life. There is no subtle gradual change just bam! brooding and mad one chapter then happy the next.

* If the story goes longer then 80 chapters without a brake. Now unless the chapters are short or the author has been able to keep momentum going that long and continued to impress its fine. However usually by this time the main story has probably been lost or is over and we are rolling through the life and times of our favorite character in a domestic setting as dictated by the story setting. I mean its great that they live happy ever after but aside from a snap shot of life I don’t care how the apartment is decorated or what kind of body wash is in the shower.

when I look up older fics I usually search by favorite total. But if any or all of the above are in the story I’m sorry but I won’t read it.

PS if I discover midway that there is a pairing I can’t stand I will also stop reading. For two reasons
1. I don’t like the pairing
2. It means I might have to go back and read an earlier fic that set up the events of the current one. However only in subtext or as a side note in the prequel story. So in order to find out how the setting in the current story came about I would have to read the back story for a pairing that I don’t like and can’t get into. I also risk having to watch the pair from the previous story take over the new one. The old bait and switch so to speak.

There are other things but I can’t think of them right now. What I am in the mood for will also play a part but if its a good story it shouldn’t matter. The really great stories can change your mood.

Doctor who fans can always find each other even in the most unlikely places. Example, It’s a blizzard outside, the snow is 50-60 cm deep in some places. I had to trek to the store for baby food and such. I could not find my regular scarf. So I took the one I use for Cosplay as the 4th Doctor. I met no less then two other people at the store and we all were at the check out at the same time with the SAME SCARF. Common bodies attract.          

Anonymous asked: just wanted to let you know that i FREAKING LOVE the stolen time and it breaks my heart at the same time. ITS SO GOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off sobbing uncontrollably*




Thank you so much! (Here’s some happy Jenna & Matt waves)image

The Stolen Time has literally made me stand up and walk away from it because there are moments where it’s legitimately too painful to imagine what I’m writing.  But I’m glad people are enjoying it — not in the “weee!” sort of way, but in the “this hurts and I hope there’s a good ending” kind of way.

Hopefully no one threatens to kill me soon.

Like, on Monday.

Monday!!? image

I need some lighter stuff in the middle or else I’m going to crack. I mean I know it’s always darkest before the dawn but give us something happy to hope for. 

My expectations for the next few days…


And HEY!  HEY!  YOU gave me the prompt!  LOL.  But…


I know it was my prompt lol It’s just that you have made it so much bigger and so much more awesome. But you know when I’m really going to be sad? When it’s over.